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The Green Roof Group is a highly acclaimed sustainable contractor based in the states of California, Arizona and Oregon.  The Green Roof Group has construction experience spanning three generations. Our core belief is that sustainability and long-term durability should influence every aspect of building design. There should be no reason why a simple thing such as a roof should not incorporate daylighting, energy efficiency and solar energy. This approach has earned The Green Roof Group the endorsement of environ- mentally conscious clients and the respect of the green community. Let us design a solar roof, Cool Roof, Green Roof or day-lighting for your next LEED building project. You will be amazed by the energy savings that can be obtained while taking full advantage of the generous Tax Credits and Utility incentives.

“I never thought it could be so easy.  The Green Roof Group installed daylighting, solar and a CoolRoof for us. With a solar roof we literally watch our meter spin backwards.  How great is that!

       A. Holbrick, Los Angeles,

Efficient Roofs and Components