Photovoltaic Solar Electric Systems


Whether you are a homeowner or a business, there is nothing better than having The Green Roof Group turn your electric meter backwards. Take advantage of generous solar incentives and Federal Tax Credits to install a system. We one of the few contractors in Los Angeles who actually install PV solar electric systems and roofs.

The   GREEN ROOF                                                            Group

 Building Integrated PV Solar Electric

The Green                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Roof Group utilizes Building Integrated solar energy systems. Building Integrated PV systems use the same technology  as traditional  solar panels, other than the solar energy system is “integrated” within the roof.  There are currently solar integrated systems for low sloped roofs (thin film), asphalt shingle roofs and even tiles roofs.

 Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems

As with PV Systems, take advantage of Federal Tax Credits for solar thermal hot water systems. The Gas Company, Southern California Edison or your utility will provide a substantial rebate as well. Typically, there are no property tax ramifications if you install a solar thermal system. The Green     Roof Group can set up a system for you.

 Solar Pool Heating Systems

You can significantly reduce swimming pool heating costs with a Green                               Roof Group installed solar pool heater system. They're cost competitive since they heat your pool using the sun’s energy. With a Solar Pool system you can expand your swim season throughout the year whether you live in the Tucson, Los Angeles or Portland.